Extension plugins

This page describes the way how to setup the development environment for the development of extension plugins.

Required knowledge

  • Python 3, Typescript, Angular, HTML


    1. Setup Ajenti (core)
    1. Install build tools
    1. Setup plugin environment

1. Setup Ajenti (core)

The Ajenti (core) is required for the development and run of any plugin. There are two development scenarios:

Develop only an extension plugin

Install the Ajenti(Core): Installation guide

Develop an extension plugin + Ajenti(core) and the same time

Run the Ajenti(Core) in the development mode Core

2. Install build tools

Follow the steps in Build tools

4. Plugin development

4.1 Edit existing plugin

See the plugins-new/Readme.txt

4.2 Create a new plugin

Create a new plugin in the current directory:

ajenti-dev-multitool --new-plugin "Some plugin name"

Build frontend:

ajenti-dev-multitool --build-frontend

Start start the backend:

#If Ajenti(core) was installed
sudo ajenti-dev-multitool --run-dev
#Navigate to http://localhost:8000/

#If Ajenti(core) is running in the dev mode:
make rundev

See the plugins-new/Readme.txt to see how to start the frontend

What’s inside a plugin?

  • Backend: Python modules, which contain jadi.component classes (components).
  • Frontend (optional): Angular components, services and LESS files.

Example plugin structure:

├── backend/
│   ├── controllers
│   │   └── dashboard.py
│   ├── __init__.py
│   └── requirements.txt
├── frontend/
│   ├── e2e/
│   └── src/
│       ├── components
│       │   └── uptime-widget.component.html
│       │   └── uptime-widget.component.less
│       │   └── uptime-widget.component.ts
│       ├── services
│       │   └── dashboard.service.ts
│       └── dashboard.module.ts
├── locale/
├── plugin.yml   #plugin description
└── README.md

Example plugins

See the demo-plugins git repo for some example plugin implementations.


This part is obsolete. The demo-plugins repo must be converted from AngularJS to Angular.

Download plugins from here: https://github.com/ajenti/demo-plugins or clone this entire repository.

Prep work:

ajenti-dev-multitool --build-frontend


ajenti-dev-multitool --run-dev


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