Ajenti Web Interface Platform

Ajenti platform includes following products:

  • Ajenti Core, a Python library, the platform itself including the HTTP server, socket engine and plugin container.
  • Ajenti Panel, a startup script and a set of stock plugins such as file manager, network configurator and service manager.

Feature Overview

HTTP Server

  • HTTP 1.1 Support.
  • Websockets with fallback to XHR polling.
  • Fast event-loop based processing.
  • Flexible routing.
  • Session sandboxing.
  • SSL with client certificate authentication.


  • >1000 requests per second.
  • 30 MB RAM footprint + 5 MB per session.


  • Highly modular Python API. Everything is a module and can be removed or replaced.
  • Builtin webserver API supports routing, file downloads, GZIP, websockets and more.
  • Transparent SSL client authorization.
  • Plugin architecture
  • Dependency injection
  • Server-side push and socket APIs.


  • Pluggable authentication and authorization.
  • Stock authenticators: UNIX account, password, SSL client certificate and Mozilla Persona E-mail authentication.
  • Unprivileged sessions isolated in separate processes.
  • Fail2ban rule


  • Clean, modern and responsive UI. Single-page, no reloads.
  • Live data updates and streaming with Socket.IO support.
  • Full mobile and tablet support.
  • LESS and CSS, CoffeeScript and JavaScript auto-build support.
  • Numerous stock directives.
  • AngularJS templating.


  • Debian 9 or later
  • Ubuntu Bionic or later
  • RHEL 8 or later
  • Can be run on other Linux or BSD systems with minimal modifications.
  • Supports Python 3.5+.


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