Ajenti Dev Multitool

sudo pip install ajenti-dev-multitool

ajenti-dev-multitool is a mini-utility to help you with common plugin development tasks.

ajenti-dev-multitool typically operates on all plugins found in current directory and below.

  • --run will launch the globally installed Ajenti with plugins from the current directory. --run-dev will additionally enable developer mode.
  • --bower "<bower-command-with-args>" will run a Bower command for each plugin having its own bower.json file. Example: ajenti-dev-multitool --bower "install".
  • --build updates the resource bundles. --rebuild will discard any previously built resources.
  • --setuppy "<setup.py-command-with-args>" runs a setuptools command on the plugin package. A setup.py file is generated automatically. Example: ajenti-dev-multitool --setuppy 'sdist upload --sign --identity "John Doe"'


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