Source code for aj.plugins.core.api.tasks

import gevent
import gevent.queue
import gipc
import logging
import os
import setproctitle
import sys
import time
import traceback
from jadi import service

from aj.log import set_log_params, init_log_forwarding
from aj.util import BroadcastQueue
from aj.plugins.core.api.push import Push

[docs]class Task(): """ Tasks are one-off child processes with progress reporting. This is a base abstract class. """ name = None """Display name""" def __init__(self, context, *args, **kwargs): self.context = context self.running = False self.exception = None self.started = time.time() self.finished = None = os.urandom(32).hex() self.reader = None self.pipe = None self.process = None self.service = TasksService.get(self.context) self.progress = { 'message': None, 'done': None, 'total': None, }
[docs] def start(self): """ Starts the task's process """ self.pipe, pipe_child = gipc.pipe(duplex=True) self.running = True self.process = gipc.start_process( target=self._worker, kwargs={ 'pipe': pipe_child, } ) self.reader = gevent.spawn(self._reader)
[docs] def abort(self): self.process.terminate()
[docs] def report_progress(self, message=None, done=None, total=None): """ Updates the task's process info. :param message: text message :param done: number of processed items :param total: total number of items """ self.progress['message'] = message self.progress['done'] = done self.progress['total'] = total self.pipe.put({ 'type': 'progress', 'progress': self.progress, })
def _worker(self, pipe=None): self.pipe = pipe setproctitle.setproctitle( f'{sys.argv[0]} task {self.__class__.__name__} #{os.getpid():d}' ) set_log_params(tag='task') init_log_forwarding(self.send_log_event)'Starting task {} ({self.__class__.__name__})') try: self.pipe.put({'type': 'done'}) # pylint: disable=W0703 except Exception as e: logging.error(f'Exception in task {}') logging.error(str(e)) traceback.print_exc() self.pipe.put({'type': 'exception', 'exception': str(e)})'Task {} finished') def _reader(self): while True: try: msg = self.pipe.get() except EOFError: self.running = False self.finished = time.time() logging.debug(f'Task {} pipe was closed') self.service.remove( self.service.notify() return if msg['type'] == 'exception': self.exception = msg['exception'] logging.debug(f'Task {} reports exception: {msg["exception"]}') self.service.notify({ 'type': 'exception', 'exception': self.exception, 'task': { 'id':, 'name':, } }) self.service.remove( self.service.notify() if msg['type'] == 'progress': self.progress = msg['progress'] logging.debug( f'Task {} reports progress: ' f'{self.progress["message"]} ' f'{self.progress["done"]}/{self.progress["total"]}' ) if msg['type'] == 'done': logging.debug(f'Task {} reports completion') self.service.notify({ 'type': 'done', 'task': { 'id':, 'name':, } }) self.service.remove( self.service.notify() if msg['type'] == 'push': Push.get(self.context).push(msg['plugin'], msg['message']) logging.debug( f'Task {} sends a push message: {msg["plugin"]} {msg["message"]}' ) if msg['type'] == 'log': self.context.worker.send_to_upstream(msg) self.service.notify()
[docs] def run(self): """ Override this with your task's logic. """ raise NotImplementedError
[docs] def push(self, plugin, message): """ An interface to :class:`aj.plugins.core.api.push.Push` usable from inside the task's process """ self.pipe.put({ 'type': 'push', 'plugin': plugin, 'message': message, })
[docs] def send_log_event(self, method, message, *args, **kwargs): self.pipe.put({ 'type': 'log', 'method': method, 'message': message % args, 'kwargs': kwargs, })
[docs]@service class TasksService(): def __init__(self, context): self.context = context self.tasks = {} self.notifications = BroadcastQueue()
[docs] def start(self, task): self.tasks[] = task task.start() self.send_update()
[docs] def abort(self, _id): self.tasks[_id].abort()
[docs] def remove(self, _id): if _id in self.tasks: self.tasks.pop(_id)
[docs] def notify(self, message=None): if message: Push.get(self.context).push( 'tasks', { 'type': 'message', 'message': message, } ) self.send_update()
[docs] def send_update(self): Push.get(self.context).push( 'tasks', { 'type': 'update', 'tasks': self.format_tasks(), } )
[docs] def format_tasks(self): return [ { 'id':, 'name':, 'running': task.running, 'started': task.started, 'finished': task.finished, 'progress': task.progress, 'exception': task.exception, } for task in sorted(self.tasks.values(), key=lambda x: x.started) ]


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