Source code for aj.entry

import daemon
import logging
import traceback

import aj
import aj.log
from aj.util.pidfile import PidFile

[docs]def start(daemonize=False, log_level=logging.INFO, **kwargs): """ A wrapper for :func:`run` that optionally runs it in a forked daemon process. :param kwargs: rest of arguments is forwarded to :func:`run` """ # reimport into scope import aj if daemonize: context = daemon.DaemonContext( pidfile=PidFile('/var/run/'), detach_process=True, files_preserve=range(1024), # force-closing files breaks gevent badly ) with context: aj.log.init_log_directory() aj.log.init_log_file() import aj.core try:**kwargs) # pylint: disable=W0703 except Exception as e: handle_crash(e) else: import aj.core try:**kwargs) except KeyboardInterrupt: pass # pylint: disable=W0703 except Exception as e: handle_crash(e)
[docs]def handle_crash(exc): # todo rework this logging.error('Fatal crash occured') traceback.print_exc() exc.traceback = traceback.format_exc(exc) report_path = '/root/%s-crash.txt' % aj.product try: report = open(report_path, 'w') except: report_path = './%s-crash.txt' % aj.product report = open(report_path, 'w') from aj.util import make_report report.write(make_report(exc)) report.close() logging.error('Crash report written to %s', report_path)
# TODO message # logging.error('Please submit it to')


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