Plugin users

The default authentication provider used in Ajenti is the OS provider which allows all users of the system to log in.

The plugin auth_users provides an alternative way to authenticate users, and to create custom users. All users data are stored in plain text, in /etc/ajenti/users.yml (but this is configurable).


The default view presents a list of current users and let you:

  • add a new user,
  • manage the properties of an existing user,
  • delete an existing user.

The property modal window displays some utilities per account:

  • system account: all user accounts must be bound to a system account in order to set the privileges. An user bound to root wil have all privileges, but an user bound to a system user account like arnaud will only have the privileges of the system user arnaud.
  • password change: only a hash is stored, not the password itself,
  • set the email: for notifications or password reset function,
  • select the sidebar entries and permissions of the user.

Don’t forget to SAVE the changes when updating an user.


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