Running Ajenti

Starting service

The automatic install script provides binary ajenti-panel and initscript/job/unit ajenti. You can ensure the service is running:

service ajenti restart


/etc/init.d/ajenti restart


systemctl restart ajenti

The panel will be available on HTTPS port 8000 by default. The default username is root, and the password is your system’s root password.

Ajenti can also be run in a verbose debug mode:

ajenti-panel -v

Commandline options

  • -c, --config <file> - Use given config file instead of default
  • -v - Debug/verbose logging
  • --log <level> - Fix log level : debug, info, warning or error
  • --dev - Enables automatic resources build on each request
  • -d, --daemon - Run in background (daemon mode)
  • --stock-plugins - Run with provided plugins (default if option --plugins is not used)
  • --plugins <dir> - Run with additional plugins
  • --autologin - Will automatically log in the user under which the panel runs. This is a security issue if your system is public.


If Ajenti does not start as intended, there are various ways to debug this, but it is good to know that the problem can have an origin in Python code or in Javascript code.

Debug Python problems

First of all, have a look at:


It may contain some running errors which could be useful to understand the problem.

The traceback of a total crash would be stored in:


If this log files do not provide enough informations, you can manually start Ajenti in debug mode as root:

systemctl stop ajenti
/usr/local/bin/ajenti-panel -v

This will increase the verbosity of Ajenti in /var/log/ajenti/ajenti.log, but you can also directly follow the progress of Ajenti start with:

systemctl stop ajenti
/usr/local/bin/ajenti-panel --dev

and then stop it as usual with Ctrl + C. Don’t forget after this to restart the Ajenti process if necessary:

systemctl start ajenti

Debug Javascript problems

The best way to do it is to launch the developer tools in your browser, usually with F12, and to look if some errors are shown.

Submit the errors

The best way to help the development of Ajenti is then to submit the errors at with all informations ( traceback, OS, Python version, … ).


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