Supported operating systems:

  • Debian 9 or later
  • Ubuntu Bionic or later
  • CentOS 8 or later
  • RHEL 8 or later

Other Linux-based systems might work, but you’ll have to use manual installation method.

Automatic Installation

curl | sudo bash -s -

Manual Installation

Native dependencies: Debian/Ubuntu

Enable Universe repository (Ubuntu only):

sudo add-apt-repository universe
sudo apt-get install build-essential python3-pip python3-dev python3-lxml libssl-dev python3-dbus python3-augeas python3-apt ntpdate

Native dependencies: RHEL/CentOS

Enable EPEL repository:

sudo dnf install epel-release
sudo dnf install -y gcc python3-devel python3-pip python3-pillow python3-augeas python3-dbus chrony openssl-devel redhat-lsb-core

Install Ajenti 2

Upgrade PIP:

sudo pip3 install setuptools pip wheel -U

Minimal install:

sudo pip3 install ajenti-panel ajenti.plugin.core ajenti.plugin.dashboard ajenti.plugin.settings ajenti.plugin.plugins

With all plugins:

sudo pip3 install ajenti-panel ajenti.plugin.ace ajenti.plugin.augeas ajenti.plugin.auth-users ajenti.plugin.core ajenti.plugin.dashboard ajenti.plugin.datetime ajenti.plugin.filemanager ajenti.plugin.filesystem ajenti.plugin.notepad ajenti.plugin.packages ajenti.plugin.passwd ajenti.plugin.plugins ajenti.plugin.power ajenti.plugin.settings ajenti.plugin.terminal


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