Source code for aj.plugins.augeas.api

import augeas
from jadi import interface

[docs]class AugeasError(Exception): def __init__(self, aug): self.message = None = {} aug.dump('/') for ep in aug.match('/augeas//error'): self.message = aug.get(ep + '/message') for p in aug.match(ep + '/*'):[p.split('/')[-1]] = aug.get(p) def __str__(self): return self.message
[docs]class Augeas(augeas.Augeas): """ A smarter and faster wrapper around :class:`augeas.Augeas`.augeas For faster startup, no modules and lenses are preloaded:: aug = Augeas(modules=[{ 'name': 'Interfaces', # module name 'lens': 'Interfaces.lns', # lens name 'incl': [ # included files list self.path, self.path + '.d/*', ] }]) Don't forget to call :func:`.load()` afterwards. """ def __init__(self, modules=[], loadpath=None): augeas.Augeas.__init__(self, loadpath=loadpath, flags=augeas.Augeas.NO_MODL_AUTOLOAD | augeas.Augeas.NO_LOAD) for module in modules: path = f'/augeas/load/{module["name"]}' self.set(f'{path}/lens', module['lens']) for index, incl in enumerate(module['incl']): self.set(f'{path}/incl[{index+1}]', incl) def __enc(self, v): return v
[docs] def match(self, path): return augeas.Augeas.match(self, self.__enc(path))
[docs] def get(self, path): return augeas.Augeas.get(self, self.__enc(path))
[docs] def set(self, path, value): augeas.Augeas.set(self, self.__enc(path), self.__enc(value))
[docs] def setd(self, path, value, default=None): """ Sets `path` to `value`, or removes `path` if `value == default` """ if value is not None: self.set(path, value) if value == default: self.remove(path)
[docs] def raise_error(self): """ Extracts error information from Augeas tree and raises :exc:`AugeasError` """ raise AugeasError(self)
[docs] def save(self): try: except IOError: self.raise_error()
[docs] def dump(self, path): """ Dumps contents under `path` to stdout. """ for sp in self.match(path + '/*'): print(sp, '=', self.get(sp))
[docs]@interface class AugeasEndpoint(): """ Implement this to provide Augeas trees to the frontend. """ id = None def __init__(self, context): self.context = context
[docs] def get_augeas(self): """ Should return a ready-to-use :class:`Augeas` """ raise NotImplementedError
[docs] def get_root_path(self): """ Should return an Augeas path of the root node to be provided to the frontend. """ raise NotImplementedError


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