Source code for ajenti.plugins.dashboard.api

from ajenti.api import *
from ajenti.ui import UIElement, p

@p('config', public=False, doc="current configuration dict of this widget instance")
@p('container', type=int, default=0)
@p('index', type=int, default=0)
[docs]class DashboardWidget (BasePlugin, UIElement): """ Base class for widgets (inherits :class:`ajenti.ui.UIElement`). """ typeid = 'dashboard:widget' name = '---' """ Widget type name """ icon = None """ Widget icon name """ hidden = False """ If True, user will not be able to add this widget through dashboard """
[docs] def save_config(self): self.event('save-config')
[docs]class ConfigurableWidget (DashboardWidget): """ Base class for widgets with a configuration dialog """
[docs] def init(self): self.on_prepare() self.dialog = self.find('config-dialog') if not self.config and self.dialog: self.config = self.create_config() self.begin_configuration() else: self.on_start()
[docs] def begin_configuration(self): self.on_config_start() self.dialog.on('button', self.on_config) self.dialog.visible = True
[docs] def on_config(self, button): self.dialog.visible = False self.on_config_save() self.save_config()
[docs] def on_prepare(self): """ Widget should create its UI in this method. Called before **self.config** is created """
[docs] def on_start(self): """ Widget should populate its UI in this method. **self.config** is now available. """
[docs] def create_config(self): """ Should return a default config dict """ return None
[docs] def on_config_start(self): """ Called when user begins to configure the widget. Should populate the config dialog. """
[docs] def on_config_save(self): """ Called when user is done configuring the widget. """
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